First Day of Work

It was my first day back to work today! In keeping with all those “first day” photos floating around social media, here are the things you should know about me: my favorite subject is lunchtime. My best friend is Martin. I like the color purple and I want to be an independently wealthy woman when I grow up. I’m 36 years old.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

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The Last Week

This is my last week of maternity leave. My heart is a little heavier this morning because of it. I’ve been with these four every day for three months. The older three will soon begin new schools, and I will return to work where new leadership and a stack of new and additional duties is rumored to be waiting for me.

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Memory Bank

This is a screenshot of a video I recorded in May 2005. Using our digital video camera (which was the size of a brick and required a mini-cassette), I recorded my niece as she and I played an online Sesame Street game in English. She thought it was hilarious, repeating the English words after me. She was 2.5 years old then. Now? She celebrates her 15th birthday next month, and speaks English very well on her own. Continue reading

My Babies

My almost-14-year-old bounced into my bedroom, and for a split second, I was like, “Ahhh, she’s coming to snuggle with me!”

But then she was like, “I’ve come to take the baby from you…and I ate half a bag of tortilla chips for breakfast.”


After days (weeks? months?) of being on the go, we all kept it pretty low-key today and stayed home in our pajamas. Mostly to catch up on laundry, but still…I did subject the baby to a bunch of selfies and doodles, though. I mean, LOOK at that face!!!!


Almost There

I am sooooo close to finishing my degree, I didn’t want to lose momentum, so I took four upper-level courses this summer. Crazy? YES!

I just got my grades: three A’s and one B.

It would NOT have been possible if it weren’t for the team around me. Thank you to Martin and our au pair, Wynter, for running interference with the kids, and allowing me to lock myself in my room during crunch time to study and write.  Continue reading

Dancing in the Living Room

Martin caught us dancing to some Glenn Miller Orchestra this morning. My dance partner steps on my feet and sometimes loses count, but it’s always on my mind that one day, he’s going to tower over me and he will be the one to lead and twirl me around.

Here’s hoping he’ll still feel like dancing with Mom every now and then when the big bands play.


“Mom, do we look alike yet?”

I told him they definitely look like brothers.

Also, Jaz’s shield in the background looks like a little crown on Junior, doesn’t it?