Light ‘Em if You Got ‘Em

Question 2911: Have you ever smoked a cigar, would you, for what occasion?

The first time I smoked a cigar was in June 1999, the night I graduated from high school in Northern Kentucky. After the graduation ceremony, students from my class gathered in a parking lot on the banks of the Ohio River to celebrate our achievement. A few months earlier, we pooled our money together to secure a riverboat cruise.

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Auf Wiedersehen, Amanda

It’s that time again when we have to say goodbye. After living with us as our au pair for a year, Amanda is leaving us. Her family arrives tomorrow, and after a short visit exploring parts of Germany and France together, they will all return to the United States. Amanda will begin attending university in the fall.

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As I studied in my room, these two conspired to prank me, but I saw right thru it. It ended with them rolling in laughter — BUSTED — but then they stuck around for some chit chat. Oh, I love my girls! They have their moments, and I’m definitely biased, but I find my teen and tween to be so delightful.

I love how they are becoming besties again!

Office Break

During my walks to lunch, I used to wonder about the random people I saw sitting in their cars, but not going anywhere. But ever since that fire drill, when I got so much done in the silence of my vehicle, I get it. I’m one of those people now.

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Caught in the Rain

I saw the clouds, but I didn’t care. It’s the first day I’m allowed to run, so I did. I *needed* this run today. And I‘m not made of sugar. I don’t melt. Not even in a downpour.

But the hail? Why you gotta be so extra, Germany?!

I’m soaked to the bone, but I feel much better now.

Song for today’s run = If by Janet Jackson.

Mother’s Day 2019

I slept in. The others brought me coffee and breakfast, but this one wandered in by himself and whimpered for me to lift him up onto my bed, and then promptly flopped on my chest (ow!) and fell asleep.

Apparently, he did not do so well with the babysitter last night.

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Those Memories

Blowing bubbles with Miss C and the neighborhood kids in April 2006.

Question 156Would you rather lose all your old memories or never be able to make new ones?

I would rather keep my old memories, and lose the ability to retain new ones, which I think is the intent of this question, because to lose the ability to MAKE memories … that’s death, isn’t it?

And who wants THAT? Not me. Not yet, anyway.

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