More Tickets Purchased

Well, 14 people have purchased their tickets and are anxiously awaiting for the FedEx person to bring them to their door.

We are even more dedicated to coming up with activities that will truly provide for our guests a fun and memorable trip to Germany, now that we know who exactly is coming, and what interests them.

On another note, my orders for Aviano have arrived, which is very reassuring. Granted, there’s a mountain of paperwork needing signatures, but there’s definitely a place in Italy for Martin and me. Yet, I don’t think the fact I’m going to be there with Martin next year at this time has sunk in. It seems like a far-off dream.

Up until this point, I had my ‘life’ planned out. Ever since the 8th-grade, I KNEW I was going to be in the Air Force as a journalist, living in Germany, visiting remote countries nobody’s heard of. I have letters, journal entries and friends from back then who can vouch for this. I was determined.

However, I didn’t think I’d reach all my goals before the age of 20, but that’s what happened. And so now, I really don’t know what’s ahead of me like I did as an 8th-grader. Don’t get me wrong; I still have goals and things I want to do.

But everything really is a new adventure now.

And nothing could be more exciting or scarier or nerve-racking or interesting as that.