Two entries today.

Tragedy has struck America and Americans today.

As a U.S. servicemember, I am still at work at Ramstein Air Base, since all U.S. military installations are under strict security, and my office is responsible for alerting all the Americans in this area. I can not describe the feeling of helplessness I experienced today as things unfolded on the television screen.

The military’s heart, the Pentagon, was struck; the military is small, so we all know someone who works there. I do. I’ve been getting calls from parents who’s grown children are at the Pentagon, asking how in the world they can contact their loved ones, to see if they were hurt, or worse. Media reporters, who are known to be arrogant, pushy and scratching for deadline information, has called not to question, but to express concern and sympathy. My hands are shaking from all the coffee I’ve been drinking; it’s going to be a long night.

Martin called me at the office, asking if I’m all right. It was reassuring to hear his voice.

Now, more than ever, the reality of life is more vivid, and the importance of love, strength and pride is clear. But this makes me wonder, what kind of world lays ahead of us? Just the other day, Martin and I were talking about our future, of one day actually settling down and raising a family. But how, in a world like this? I asked one of my co-workers, how is she going to explain this to her children. She didn’t know. None of us know how to explain this. It’s just so tragic and so terrible.

I want everyone to know that I’m thinking of them. There are Americans in every corner of the world, watching, working hard to protect our country amid this turmoil. I hate to think this happened in my home, on the land that I always felt was safe. They say this is America’s darkest hour, but be sure there’ll come many shining moments from this. I wish I could hug all my loved ones, but I am glad I am here in Germany, doing what I can to serve this country. Just please, say a prayer for everyone involved in this, from the citizen offering his medical knowledge in New York, to the 19-year old kid standing outside my window, guarding this base’s flight line.

We need all the support we can get.