Going into Afghanistan

Today was VERY busy here for me.

It was SUPPOSE to be a four-day holiday for me, today especially, since its Columbus day. But not so for this airman.

Oh, no.

I was up and at work by 7 a.m. That’s because the United States is beginning to KICK SOME ASS and help others in the process.

You see, America not only dropped some bombs and missles on those deserving, but we also dropped tons of food for those stuck in Afghanistan. And the planes flew back to Ramstein Air Base. Of course, media from around the world wanted the photo, wanted the story, so as the public affairs office, we had to make that happen for them. Just like all the other major media events held here, it was cold and rainy. I think I caught the flu, because as I write this, my head is spinning and I feel really warm.

But that’s nothing a little NyQuil won’t handle.

Anyway, I was behind the scenes, helping set up for the press conference of the flight crew when they came back. It was really cool. Our planes were huge and stocked with food when they left, and came back empty, but most importantly, safe and sound. Mission accomplished. I have to laugh when I hear that those mo’ fo’ Taliban freaks are claiming we are ‘terrorist attacking’ them, when I know we just dropped tons and tons of food specially prepared for the Islamic diet because the Taliban is so stuck up its own butt, it doesn’t take care of its people……anyway, enough editorializing…. The thing is, I never saw these jerks fly in medical supplies and food after they attacked the crap out of our buildings.

So, I think America’s true intentions were made ever more clear by these two airdrops. And the fact I was a part of allowing the world to see this….that’s very cool. We are showing the world that we are NOT attacking the Afghanistans. Most of the Taliban is made up of outsiders who were kicked out of their own countries. Those people are truly innocent, victims of a warped government, which we will destroy, of course. We didn’t drop food out of pity, but to help and give them hope….something all of us could use every now and then.