News, News, News

Photo from May of this year

Very stressful day today.

Now that ALL of media knows about these airdrops, my day has been filled with calls from AP, CNN, ABCNEWS, MSNBC NEWS and just about every other news service in this world.

Oh, and I’m also busy working on the base newspaper. It’s nuts, and it will be crazier the more we do the airdrops. I must say, though, it is pretty cool being on the side of the flightline when the aircraft is taking off, it’s wings dipping with the weight of all those packages, the engines roar echoing off the nearby buildings.

We also had some fighters fly in today, and the air fills with the smell of jet fuel almost immediately. The roar of THOSE planes is even more deafening, and each time, a feeling of ‘HOO-RAH AMERICA!’ runs through my veins.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the endless tasks brought on by all this action….but really, I’m so glad to be here. I know I have a lot of great stories to tell everyone.