The Today Show and Going to Berlin

Last week, I was incredibly busy.

The news organization NBC was here, because the ‘Today’ show decided to do some live broadcasts from the base. Of course, that meant more work for me, but I didn’t mind. Ann Curry was the anchor who came over, and it was really very interesting to work with her, and to see all the behind-the-scenes activities that must take place for a live broadcast.


My office did everything from making sure the crew had all the resources needed, we set up interviews for the show, advertised the heck out of it so troops and their families would come down to wave the homemade signs in the background, and much, much more.

Like I said, Ann Curry was very nice and personable, although she was tiny, tiny, tiny and made the rest of us look like cows. (Proof is the photo left.) But, she really did go out of her way to talk with the families, shake their hands and get photos taken with as many folks as possible.

Our office was sort of “home base” for her the few days she was here, so it was incredibly surreal to look over my desk as I worked, and see her using the telephone across from me. She also talked with us about journalism, her brother (who was in the Air Force), and her professional advice. She also granted us an interview for our newspaper and AFN television station, too, which was awesome. We also got a bunch of Today Show items from the producers. That was cool.

It was a very neat experience, and my Mom did report that she DID see me on television.

That weekend, I jumped on a train to Berlin to visit my friend, Pamela. THAT was a much-needed break, and I was finally able to give her the bridesmaid dress. 

(Now, all the females, including myself, have their dresses for the wedding!) 

I’ve been to Berlin before, but this time, I made it to Checkpoint Charlie, which is really nothing more than a wooden building surrounded by sandbags in the middle of the road now. I also did got in some shopping and visited a really ‘happenin’ bar. 

It was a blast, and I hated to leave. But alas, here I am, back at work, writing articles, doing interviews and other Public Affairs duties.