Julie and Martin: Rockin’ With Kid Rock

What a week we had last week!

MTV and USO brought MTV host Carson Daly, Jennifer Lopez, Kid Rock and rapper Ja Rule (I don’t know who he is either) to Ramstein to film a show that will air January 2, on MTV, of course.

Naturally, I was busy as hell, but I had a lot of fun. Martin even got in on some of the action.

Here’s the scope.

On Dec. 6, all the celebs went to a local club to judge a talent contest, and I was the public affairs rep. The show itself was cool, and I got to meet everyone involved, including J.Lo., who is EVERYTHING the papers say she is. Instead of staying on Ramstein, or somewhere close to it, she stayed an hour and a half away in Frankfurt because it was the only place that had the all-white room she craved. She didn’t want to be at Ramstein, and told her managers so, but because the lights and cameras were on, she smiled and played the media puppet she is.

Ja Rule was somewhere in space, while his ‘posse’ were in a desperate, vocal search for some ‘weed in this joint.’

Kid Rock, though, was VERY cool, very non-Hollywood. In fact, he invited me and the security forces cop who was acting as his military bodyguard, to show him around the base, because he wanted to REALLY see it without the entourage and cameras. So the cop and I drove him around in the cop’s junk mobile to the dorms, where Kid Rock knocked on doors and talked with the SHOCKED airmen as if nothing was out of place. He even called Pamela Lee Anderson (his girlfriend) on his cell phone and argued with her as we drove around. It was all too surreal. He and Pamela sounded just like Martin and me! (“I said I’d call when I get the chance …. No, I didn’t get your email….I’ve been busy…..I miss you too…..”)

And then we all went back to his room to hang out, watch television and play cards until 6 a.m. with his security guard and MTV representative and her assistant.

Martin even called my cell at some point. I answered and he asked if I was home yet.

“Nope,” I said. “I’m in Kid Rock’s hotel room.”

And what did my fiance say to that?


Because it really was.

Anyway, I continued to work with Kid Rock and his crew for the rest of the week, and I was so impressed with him. He REALLY wanted to be at Ramstein to visit the troops. He wasn’t there to promote himself, like the other celebs were doing. And he proved this in so many ways, such as standing out in the cold at 2 a.m. to play cards with the gate guards, or stick around to play pool and darts with his fans after the talent show. He did this with no cameras around, no reporters (except me.) It was a neat experience. (I even picked out the Ramstein t-shirts for his eight-year-old son, and Pamela’s two little boys!)

On Dec. 8, all the celebrities held a huge concert for the base. Since Martin is in the Bundeswehr, and is a NATO card holder, he was able to attend the concert, too. Of course, I had to ‘work’ during the concert, so for a few hours before the concert, Martin followed me around, acting as my assistant. (He has helped out my office before. For example, the weekend in 2000 when a ski lift in Austria caught fire in the tunnel, and killed some Americans from here, he was able to translate all our press releases as soon as they were written, and talked with the German media for us, since we didn’t have any German speakers at the time.) So, he got to meet Kid Rock, too.

There was one moment that was WAY too funny, though. You see, the whole time I worked with Kid Rock, his bodyguard flirted outrageously with me, teasing me about being engaged and all. I’m pretty sure he was used to girls latching onto him to get close to Kid Rock, but it just wasn’t going to happen no matter how many hints he dropped.

ANYWAY, the day Martin was with us, nobody, including the bodyguard, had a clue who Martin really was. At one point, the bodyguard noticed Martin watching me, and went up to him and whispered, “Don’t get your hopes up, man. She’s married.”

Martin just smiled and said, “Well, she’s not married yet!” and winked knowingly. He told me about it afterwards, and you can imagine how big MY head got.

Anyway, there’s tons of photos of all this floating around out there, and I’ll get a hold of them and put them on here soon. Martin and I were both very excited about it all, and we had a great time.