It’s Legal Now


Friday was a busy day for us. (We let our guests do their own thing that day.)

Thursday night, Martin and I held our respective parties.

Friday morning, we had the civil ceremony in the Erlangen courthouse. All we did, really, was swear in front of a judge that we liked each other, and signed a few papers. My parents, sisters and friend Robb were there for me. Martin’s mother, aunt, siblings and Oma were there for him.

The only big problem was when we realized Jill, my witness, not only needed her passport (she left it at the hotel), but even if she DID have it, she couldn’t understand German. So, the only person who could step in for Jill was Oma, Martin’s always-prepared, 90-year-old grandmother. And when Martin’s mother realized I didn’t even have a bouquet with me, she went to the nearest flower stand (because there’s one on nearly every corner in Germany) and had a bouquet made to match my dress.

It was awesome.
After the ceremony, we all went out to lunch, then we went to a local park for some portraits, taken by my photographer Dad.
Later that day, we then went to the reception site to set it up and decorate. Technically speaking, it was our first day as man and wife. But it certainly didn’t seem like it. Well….considering I was using him and my family for slave work….maybe it WAS like a marriage after all….