In Love


Martin and I are dorks.

This was stated to us by my sister, Jill, in an email she sent us after seeing this website. She came to this conclusion after seeing the photo with Martin’s ‘I love you’ message written on my train window. When I visited by train last weekend, he sat with me at the station until I had to board, and then he came to my window and wrote “ILU” in the dust on it, so for the whole train ride, I got to stare out my window and see his message to me. (Photos above.)

Well, I could tell you a story about how Jill’s boyfriend, Jeremy, ripped out the inside of a stuffed dog, then had his mother sew in a taped recording of himself saying “Merry Christmas, Jillybean” every time it’s squeezed, but then, I don’t want Jill to look like a dork either.

Instead, I’ll just agree with her that Martin and I are the biggest dorks on Earth just because we like to do cute, little things to show each other we love one another lots. Today is a great example. I was off of work. The weather was perfectly blue and sunny, and since I just got PAID, FINALLY, I did some serious shopping. However, not even summer sales could make me 100 percent happy.

So, when Martin called and said he was going to drive 5 hours just to see me this weekend, THAT made me VERY happy. He COULD have gone to his mother’s to do some errands … he COULD have stayed in Hannover with his military buddies, but NO! He wanted to be with me. So, he came to me, and guess what we did???? We went shopping, together! It was a dream day come true, indeed, for these two very big dorks in Germany.