Packing Up to Go

The past few days have been crazy.

The movers were here to pack up all our belongings to ship over to the United States. I will be leaving in less than a month, but Martin and Miss C will be here for another few months. They will be using loaner furniture provided by the military and by our good friends and neighbors here.

Speaking of neighbors, Miss C has really grown to love the children who live in our little area. They are all older than she is, but they just think she’s the cutest thing. They come by our townhouse nearly every day and ask if she can come out. With so much patience and kindness, they play all her little games with her tea sets, bubbles, and everything.

They only speak Italian with her, too. I love it.

I can only hope we find yet another awesome neighborhood with wonderful children in the States. We’ve been so lucky here in Italy.