Almost done ….

Miss C took this picture of me today at the National Route 66 Museum in Elk City.

I handed her my camera and held my breath as she lifted the heavy, bulky thing with her thin, lanky arms and barked out directions from behind it.

She’s been telling me lately that she really wants to be a photographer when she grows up.

Part of me wonders if that is just a “monkey see, monkey do” sort of thing, her just wanting to do what she see me do all the time. Another part of me wonders if maybe the bug has bitten her, too, if she really does enjoy capturing the things she sees through photos, creating images that will last longer than memory. Yet another part of me wonders if something in her DNA is whispering to her that photography is part of her make-up. After all, her grandfather is a photographer. Her mother is a photographer, as is her aunt. Can having “an eye” be as much of an inherited trait as brown hair and stature?

Whatever it is, I’m glad I have a photography buddy in my home.

I have one more photo to post for this year. And then it’ll be over. My resolution to capture an image a day will be complete. Over the past 365, I’ve altered that resolution somewhat. I should have clarified that I would capture and share A MEMORY a day, since I’ve also shared video or photos from the past. But it’s always been something relevant to that date, something I did or thought about on that day. I’ve enjoyed and appreciated the reflection.

And I hope you’ve enjoyed it, too.