Christmas at Our House

Santa treated us well this Christmas. The girls were up around 7 a.m. and they were so excited to see that he put a bunch of presents under the Christmas tree in our family room.

For the first time — and probably the last — I was able to dress the girls in matching pajamas. It’s hard to find matching outfit
s for one- and six-year-olds, so when I found these green jammies, I snatched them up.They looked so adorable together. And Miss C was so proud to be able to introduce Lola (who was just a newborn last year) to the fun of opening Christmas gifts this year.

There was a lot to see before opening our gifts. Santa left some snowy/sooty footprints next to the fireplace. He also ate all of the cinnamon rolls we left him, and even found the time to write a personalized note for the girls. Miss C was very excited about that, especially since she was able to read it all by herself this year.

Santa left some very sweet gifts for the girls. They got puzzles, coloring books and clothes. Miss C got her much-anticipated pink Snuggie, while Martin and I both got a blue and leopard-print Snuggie, respectively.

But the best gift … the absolute best Christmas gift ever for our family … arrived a little later in the day.

We are so happy to introduce Patches!! She’s a 3-year-old beagle rescue who needed a forever home. A family friend of ours was her foster mom and told us about Patches’ sweet personality. So we invited Patches over to our house about a week ago, under the guise of ‘pet-sitting’ for our friend, to see how she’d fit in with our family. We immediately fell in love with her, so on Christmas morning, our friend brought over Patches with a big red bow.

She’s still a little nervous as she figures out her place in the family, but I couldn’t help but smile when one of the first thing Patches did was flop herself on top of Martin as he lounged on the couch. So sweet!