Celebrating 60 Years

We celebrated my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary Sunday. 
Grandpa Charley and Grandma MJ are still so loving and adorable together; I hope that in 50 years time, Martin and I are just the same.

The whole family – their children, grandkids, siblings and friends – got together and celebrated with a church Mass held in their honor, followed by lunch on the Ohio River.  
Most of the grandkids – including Miss C, who is their first great-grandchild – participated in the church service.

Miss C and Aunt Jill

I always love looking at their wedding photos. So classic!

When my dad married my stepmother 12 years ago, Grandpa Charley and Grandma MJ wrapped their arms and hearts around my sisters and me, and totally embraced us into the family. It was immediate. 
We love visiting them, especially the girls since Grandma MJ still keeps toys at their house, even though all the other grandkids are grown. They never forget a birthday, anniversary or holiday, always sending us cards or notes to let us know they are thinking of us. And when my sister Jill got married last summer, Grandma MJ created these really beautiful floral and glass bead centerpieces for her reception. Dozens of them. When I got gestational diabetes while pregnant with Lola, Grandma MJ researched what foods I could eat and prepared a big dinner for me during a visit, complete with sugar-free chocolate popsicles for dessert. 
She’s like this for all her grandkids: so loving and attentive.
I asked both of them on Sunday for their secret to sustaining a marriage and family for more than half a decade.
They both paused and I could see they were thinking. Knowing my question was not one to be easily answered, I threw out a suggestion.
“Maybe it’s that Charley learned early on just to say ‘yes dear?'” I asked, causing Martin to roll his eyes.
But Grandma MJ laughed.
“That sounds good to me!” she exclaimed.
And Grandpa Charley? He just smiled.
60 years ago, it was just the two of them.

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