10 in 10: Surviving 2007


This was the most challenging podcast to put together. Why? Because it represented what Martin and I consider our most challenging year ever in our marriage. I initially wanted to call it the worst year ever, because it was especially difficult for me in so many ways. But Martin pointed out, we learned a lot about ourselves and each other in ways that allowed our relationship to really strengthen and mature. And how can that be bad?

Yet ….
That was the year that my good friend, Nancy, committed suicide just minutes before I found her in her home.
It was also the year Martin was left behind to raise Miss C while I deployed to the Middle East.
Those two big and emotional events no doubt painted a cloud of stress over all of us, and we all paid for it in our own ways. The whole year was a true test of what it really means to be a friend, a partner, an Airman, and a family.
The year wasn’t without good memories, though, and of course, we talked about those things as well.
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