New York City in Pictures

Early morning construction outside our hotel window.

Walking to Times Square

Whew – that baby was cold! Eventually, Martin took him and Lola back to the hotel.
That meant shopping for the rest of us free in the city.

A parade in the Disney Store!

From the top of the ferris wheel inside the Toys R Us store on Times Square

She wasn’t that thrilled being up so high.

Scrapbook products worthy of duck-face.

We’re not sure what Martin was doing here. The rest of us were waiting for the subway.

This was taken at the end of the day. She was soooo tired.

Martin carried both kids. Such a muscle man.
We were extremely lucky to get standby tickets there on site. We didn’t know we needed tickets ahead of time.
This was the first name I saw in front of me at the memorial. Chaplain Mychal Judge was also listed as the first official death of 9/11.

It was particularly heartbreaking seeing “unborn child” follow some of the names.
The survivor tree. It was saved from Ground Zero.
It’s hard to believe this statue looked like THIS the day after 9/11.
A lady feeding the bird’s outside her apartment window.
One more photo from New York City as we wait for Martin to get our van.
We didn’t see any rock stars in New York City, but I did take one to prom in high school.
His name is Nick, and he’s the bass player in the band Truckstop Darlin‘ in Portland, Oregon.

They’re working on their second album. And you can help them.

Check out the video below, and then consider making a contribution because they’re awesome. And because you, too, appreciate true talent and passionate independent artists.

And here’s something else: they’re going to be touring all across the country soon and chances are good they’ll be coming to a venue near you.

Now about that prom.

It was my senior class prom in April 1999, and I was part of a group of senior girls who decided to sort of buck tradition and invite a group of sophomore boys as our dates. Nick and I knew each other through the drama program and chorus, and we had performed together in a few school productions. We were friends, and even back then, he was really into music and standing out from the crowd. I knew we’d have a great time.

And I was right.

I mean, check out that suit. He totally rocked that suit.

Now go listen to him rock out HERE.