Martin’s Blog: Flashback Friday

It is amazing to see Jaz speed crawl from one side of the room to the other. His sisters are right there keeping up with him. It must be so great being young and having all that energy.

Unfortunately for Julie and me, we are not that young and energetic. From working all day in DC, Julie is pretty exhausted by the time she comes home. Me chasing after three kids while trying to keep the house in order and getting all chores done doesn’t leave much energy left over either.

The bad thing about the lack of energy is the lack of exercise that goes along with it.

Yes, I have to admit I don’t look the same as I did 10 years ago when I met Julie. I need to change this.

With the changes in our lives the past few months, my fitness has taken a back seat. I walk and ride bikes with Miss C when I can, but I haven’t been doing anything organized. This is a shame because I enjoy running, and now it’s even more fun when I have Miss C riding along on her bike right beside me. She is great at keeping up the pace. But without her pedaling along, I probably would stop for a break a few times when I felt tired.

So for the 101 days of summer (which is a reference to our military days and their summer safety campaign), I plan to do 101 days of running. I will be running every day from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This is in addition to whatever we do as a family. Fortunately, we have a jogging stroller so I will be able to do this during the day. I am looking forward to it.

By the way, today is Friday and Julie does this thing here on the blog where every Friday, she goes back into our blog archives as a flashback. So to keep that up, I have done the same and I went looking for something that was running or fitness-related. It was very fun to go back and read some old posts, and I was really happy when I found this one.

It shows why it is very important to be prepared for your early morning gym time. It also made me laugh.


This is just a reminder that I am blogging for all of May as Julie’s little bit of free time is being used for a really neat project we will share with you later. (Before you ask, it is not a book.)

If you want, though, you can keep up with the both of us on our Facebook page for this blog. Both of us post on there from time to time. She is also on Twitter a lot.