Martin’s Blog: The Cut

Monday is my shopping day. New sales are up and new coupons came in the Sunday paper. The morning was business as usual. We were all on the straight and narrow to a really good day.

After dropping off Julie at the Metro, Lola decided she wanted to take a bath. Jaz was ready to take a nap, so I welcomed the suggestion to get her in the tub while I was tending to the clothes that have been waiting to be folded all weekend. With both kids in a place where they can’t do anything silly, I got done with the laundry rather quick.

Once I was done Lola was ready to get out of the bathtub, which she usually only does under protest. We went on with blow drying and brushing her hair at Julie’s makeup table. Lucky for me, Lola just got  her summer haircut — a trim to her shoulders with long bangs — and combing her hair was not as painful as it usually is.

The day was going great, Jaz woke up just in time to have lunch before we had to leave to pick up Miss C from school and start our afternoon shopping trip. Miss C gets out of school early and she is a big help keeping Lola under control when we walk through the aisles, especially the ones with candy and toys.

Miss C was extra excited as she spotted a  police toy-set the last time we went to the grocery store. Over the weekend, she had counted her money numerous times to make sure she had enough to buy it.

And today was the day she was planning to make the big purchase with her own money.

Our first stop was a local CVS to get new passport pictures for Miss C. The last time she had that done, she was only a few days old and could only keep her eyes open just long enough to snap an acceptable picture.

The lady at CVS seemed to know what she was doing. There was a lot of posing, positioning, fixing the hair, but because of Miss C’s bright blue shirt, the picture didn’t want to turn out just right. We had to head back home and get something darker.

The second try was a success.

Then we were off to our favorite grocery store. The store always has samples of cookies, cheese, cold-cuts, bread with dip and fruit. As a reward for good behavior, there was another cookie and a balloon waiting for the kids on the way out.

It’s been a year now that I started couponing, and I’m having tons of fun with it, especially when the store has the rare promo of tripling coupons up to 99 cents. I manage to save 70% or more.

Today, nobody was more excited than Miss C. She loves playing police with Lola. And while Miss C, with a little inspiration from her aunt Jill who is a real police officer, always picks to be the part of the police officer, Lola loves to play the part of the bad guy running away from anyone.

With today’s big purchase, Miss C had her own police badge and handcuffs.

She was so excited that as soon as we got everyone loaded in the car she unpacked her handcuffs and wanted to arrest Lola. That’s hard to do in a minivan and Lola was so tired that she passed out and continued sleeping until it was time to pick up mom. No criminal mischief there.

But Miss C’s imagination ran wild. She planned out loud to wait for Mom on the curb outside of the station and once her Mom walked by, Miss C wanted  to handcuff her and load her in the minvan in front of everyone. However, it was raining and the curb was already lined with cars waiting for people coming off the metro. Miss C, being the good citizen, suggested she could make a citizens’ arrest with all those who are ignoring the “no-parking” rules.

All was right in the world. Or so I thought.

The second we picked up Mom and she greeted the kids, Julie noticed something was different about Lola. At some point during the day, during a split second she was out of my view, Lola decided to personalize her hair and cut off some chunks of it.

The whole day, I never noticed.

Neither did Miss Law Enforcement.

When interrogated by her Mom and sister, Lola had no problem admitting she did it herself and later even lead us proudly to the place where she did it, Miss C’s room, where the evidence was still in bundles on the floor.

How can she be arrested for such honesty?

The most awesome mug on a mug shot.