Flashback Friday: My German Soldier

Martin’s photo from one of his training exercises in 2002

I was writing about life as a newlywed ten years ago.

I was also writing about life as the spouse of a German soldier while also handling the crazy bureaucracy of my American military system as I prepared for an accompanied international move to Italy.

I was so stressed out then. Martin was in the midst of training in northern Germany and communication was sporadic. I was buried in paperwork and dealing with work. I didn’t know what was ahead for us, and to think I often look back and reflect on how life was so simple then.
For today’s Flashback Friday, I’m going back to June 2002. I’ve been thinking about those days lately, when we were that little NATO couple, separately serving and wearing those uniforms. Martin was such a good German soldier then, but best of all, he was such a sweet husband.

And he’s still to this day.