This Is What Writer’s Block Looks Like

This is what a colossal piece of writer’s block looks like.

If you could hear it, you would hear crickets I’ve tried to silence with an inspiring playlist of pop hits, dance beats, rap, classical … pretty much all of my iTunes.

If you could see the coffee table in front of me, you’d find an empty bowl that once held popcorn, several empty cans of diet soda, some paper scraps I cut into hearts and people holding hands, my laptop with the Facebook profiles of friends and family scattered all over the desktop.

What you wouldn’t be witnessing is me writing.

Writing. That thing that comes so naturally for me? Not happening.

At one point last night, I was dancing and singing at the top of my lungs, to Janah’s amusement, who hung out with me in the family room for a little bit before going to bed. Her last words to me?

“Julie, you better start writing now.”

Instead, I took self-portraits and edited them.

I chomped on a few leftover popcorn kernels.

I’ve done everything I can do to avoid actually engaging my brain and writing for a deadline that is a few days away.

Recently, I was asked to make a literary contribution for an upcoming book about pregnancy and humor. Of course, I accepted. Pregnancy is difficult, challenging, and loaded with emotion, but if I learned only one thing during my three pregnancies, it’s that humor is the cure-all for the vast majority of it.

That, and drinking water.

But every time I’ve sat down to put together something worth binding, I’ve drawn a blank. And it’s become a bigger and badder blank the more the clock ticks toward deadline.

I know it’ll come together.

I just need to stop, breathe, and clear my head. Not an easy thing to do, especially since I can’t remember the last time I actually had a clear head.

But I must keep the faith, and focus.


Not on Facebook, or Photoshop, or fun cat videos on YouTube.< Focus.

And write.

It’ll be great. You’ll see.



Cute kid alert. Photoboothin’ with Mr. Jaz.

No other man – big or little – has stolen my heart like this guy right here.He’s starting to dance. I filmed him getting the Led out earlier this evening as we played some “Immigrant Song.”