Flashback Friday: Team Ann

We’re Team Ann all the way around here.

The Today Show lost a whole household of viewers yesterday when they gave Ann Curry the shaft and unceremoniously dumped her after she’s been on the television morning show for the last 15 years.

There was no montage of her best stories, no messages from celebrities wishing her luck, none of the fanfare awarded to Katie Couric or Meredith Veira when they departed the show.

Nope. None of it. The show was dropping in ratings and they blamed Ann, so they got rid of her.

Bad move, if you ask me.

By all accounts, she’s handled her dismissal with grace, but of course she would. Ann’s a graceful lady.

I know this, because I got to work with her and see her in action when the Today Show came to Ramstein Air Base to do a live show in 2001.

It was shortly after the events of 9/11, and those initial missions into Afghanistan were taking off from Ramstein.

Of course, I blogged about the experience, so for my Flashback Friday archive share, you can read about it HERE.

One part that I didn’t include in that blog was that in the midst of all her work and interviews, at one point she said to her camera guy, “Be sure you guys get close to the crowd so their parents can see them.”

She was referring to the military people who gathered on the flightline to be part of the background of the set.

She knew how it was to be part of a military family, away from family, and so soon after 9/11. After filming, she stayed out on the flightline to take photos and sign autographs for everyone who came out there to see her.

Her brother was killed in a car wreck as an Airman at Aviano. She’s always had a special place in her heart for the military, and will always be the first to tell you that.

And others will tell you the same thing about her. Many of my military professional peers worked or met her through the course of their careers, as she traveled around the world, and reported on many military operations, ranging from Hurricane Katrina, the Middle East, Haiti, Europe, etc.

Unlike other morning show anchors who may or may not have worked for the same network, Ann Curry never had a reputation for bad language, unusual demands, or short tempers.

She was known to be professional, fair, and most of all, kind.

So, I may be a little biased about Ann, but with good reason.

The Today Show lost a good one.


I had to call our help desk at work today to get my voicemail passcode reset. Some paperwork was out of date, so the helpdesk person had to send me some email. Her name: Loretta, but she goes by Bunny.

My great-grandmother’s name was Loretta and her daughter (my grandmother) was named Bernice, but called Bunny. This is the third time within five days that I’ve bumped into some kind of random reference to my grandmothers. Love when that happens.


As I post this late at night (about 10:30 p.m.), there’s a super dangerous storm right now with 80 mph winds. From what I can see outside, our front-yard tree’s already suffered some major damage. Can’t see too well into the backyard. All of us huddled downstairs in our basement until it blows over.

Update at 11:15 p.m.: The worst of the wind is over. Now it’s just your typical storm. Went outside to check the damage to the front of our house only to find our neighbor Mr. Bob outside w/ his flashlight to check on us. Greatest neighbors ever. Backyard is a mess. Huge branches/tree limbs down. I’m baffled that our electricity stayed on.

11:40 p.m: “I can’t go to bed, Mom, when there are live weather reports to monitor.”

A future meteorologist there? I think she’s torn: she’s really interested in weather systems and the effects, but she’s not a fan of the lightening and thunder. I think it’s the only thing preventing her from becoming a storm chaser.