Martin’s Blog: The Wrap-Up

Catching a falling star — a helium balloon, actually — while kayaking over Memorial Day weekend.


Here I am at the end of my month of blogging on Julie and Martin.

I have to admit there were some days I didn’t feel like writing or that there is anything to write about. Julie set the standard high in the weeks leading up to May. She posts four to six times a week.

So how did I do it?

It wasn’t as hard as I thought it will be. Lucky me I had an Expert to give me some advise and keep me going.

Most of the time I sat in front of the screen and stared at a blank page. Julie has asked me to write a blog entry a few times before and I always remember that blank page. Then I remember the first time I was just sitting and thinking, “what is interesting enough to write about and I don’t say it in just 5 sentences.”

That’s when Julie gave me some great advice: just start writing!

I started writing. And kept on writing, wrote more, and a little more. I wondered what my family in Germany may want to know about what’s going on here with us in the States, what was going on with the kids.

Before I knew it. I had a blog entry and it was more than just five sentences about my day.

I still use that technique most often. I like that I can edit anything until I hit publish.

Lola with the fallen star in our kayak


On other days, a perfect blog entry falls in your lap. Like my Are you Dad enough entry — the breastfeeding cover and Julie’s photography talents were enough to prompt me to write my opinion about the whole thing. Unfortunately, this inspiration does not happen every day, not even every week. But every now then, you will hear something in the news, see something on the way to work or do as a family, and it will inspire you. At least, it did for me.

My goal this month was to write for the blog regularly, which I did publishing about two times a week. I wanted to put my English writing skills to use to prepare for my return to school, and I did that. I wanted to write blog posts that would keep my family in Germany up-to-date, and during this month, I think I communicated with my family via webcam and iPhone/Skype more than ever before, in part because they wanted to talk to me about something on the blog.

Plus, one of my entries got syndicated. Julie is more excited about that accomplishment, but I admit it was very cool hearing from other bloggers and dads about that post, beyond just our regular readers.

This was the first time in all ten years of our blog that I sustained the blog for some time with just my posts. The summer Julie deployed, we were still writing together.  But this past month, with Julie working on other things and not able to commit as much time to this blog, I learned I could do it and that I actually enjoyed it. I hope you enjoyed it, too.

This won’t be the last you’ll hear from me.