Funny Observation

Like most new parents, Martin and I were very eager to establish boundaries and flex our newfound parental authority, especially when it came to the grandparents.

This meant leaving detailed lists, instructions, strong warnings, and lengthy explanations regarding the care of our precious offspring. I mean, obviously, our parents couldn’t possibly know how complicated and serious the act of childrearing could be, and while we trusted, we were very anxious.

That was with the first child.

But now, with three kids, not so much.

Nona’s here, and the kids are totally captivated. And we’re totally fine.

It means while the kids are cared for, and distracted by, their Nona, Martin and I can sit off to the side and relax a little bit more.

Talk a little bit more. Just be together a little bit more.

And take super cheesy couple photos.