Around the House

My scrapbook room, shortly after Lola was born in 2008


Martin and I made excellent progress around the house this weekend.

If you walked inside our door right now, though, you wouldn’t know it.  As I said, we made progress, but we didn’t finish, which means there is still evidence of our work-in-progress all over the place.

But we’re closer to finished than we were on Friday.

We focused on three rooms: the family room, the basement guest suite, and my former scrapbook room. Now that our third child is becoming more and more an active participant in his sisters’ shenanigans, we need more play space. Over the past few months, I’ve been purging a lot of our stuff, and downsizing our furniture. Slowly, but surely, all of our rooms changed.

But this weekend, we did the heavy lifting. Our family room now looks and feels like a family room, and not just a whittled-down version of it’s former self. The basement suite is no more: it’s turning back into a really awesome playroom.

And that former scrapbook space of mine? Gone. That room will now be the guest room, so we will still be able to host visitors. The *new* playroom will feature an amazing, kid-friendly craft area since Miss C is now the gung-ho scrapper in the family. I no longer feel guilty for having neglected what was once a passionate hobby of mine because she’s really embraced it and is putting all my supplies and tools to great use. Lola also loves painting and coloring, so the area will be perfect for her, too.

But of course, creating this utopia takes work. With the help of Miss C, Martin and I were busy moving shelves, electronics, books, toys, artwork, and whatever else needed moving. We also used the time to purge even more stuff (where in the world did it all come from?) while also shredding and recycling the mountains of paperwork that were hiding in random corners and tabletops.

We have bigger plans for this old house. The bathrooms are in dire need of remodeling, and not just for aesthetic purposes. I’ve been daydreaming on Pinterest while Martin’s been studying up on all the ends and outs of it. And of course, saving our pennies. Eventually, the kitchen will need a facelift. And then our back porch could use a redo, as well.

As much as it daunts me, I really love thinking of new ways to make this place feel more like a home for our growing family. Oh, the never-ending joy of owning a house!


Funny moment while Miss C and I were shredding papers: we came across some of her daily reports from preschool, when she was about three years old, and discovered a series of incident reports.

Most involved her biting other kids on the playground, and how she and the teacher had a conversation about no biting, and how the teachers encouraged us to have that discussion at home, too. (I actually wrote about this here on the blog in 2006.)

To my great amusement, after reading a couple, Miss C shook her head and said, “Mom, I’m seriously starting to wonder about your parenting skills.”

Oh, that kid.