Martin’s Blog: Vacation West

As Julie traveled east to attend our friends wedding and visit with my family, I packed up the kids and traveled west to visit with her family.

Usually a trip to the grandparents is only for the weekend since either Julie or I had to be back at work by Monday. To my knowledge, we have never stayed in Ohio for more than a weekend.

This time, we stay much longer than a weekend. We left the day after Julie started her trip to Germany. We left in the morning right after the end of rush hour. It was nice driving during the day. We finally could see the landscape we are always driving through.

It’s been really nice being here. The kids have always had something to do, whether shopping with their grandma or out bike-riding with their grandpa. So far, we’ve also visited with lots of family members.

Although, Larry has had me do a lot of work around the house.

I’m sure he appreciates that a lot.

– Martin