Veterans Day Lunch 2012

Poor Jaz. We interrupted his nap. Can you tell?

It was the annual Veterans Day lunch at Miss C’s elementary school Monday, so both Martin and I attended, bringing the younger two along with us.

We both wore our bright blue Air Force t-shirts, since Martin still has to go through basic training before he can wear the Air Force uniform, and his German Bundeswehr uniform is buried somewhere in our basement.

Although, I think it would have been cool if he had worn it.

Miss C was very proud to have us there with her at lunch. She met us in the lobby and we went through the lunch line all together. It was pretty cute, both girls picking out their food and balancing everything on the little paper trays.

Lola couldn’t get enough of the cafeteria food. It was as if we were eating the finest cuisine in all of the metropolitan DC area.

All five us crammed around the small, round lunch table, and enjoyed our meal. Miss C’s friends were so cute and gracious, and chatted with us the whole time. However, there was such a constant hum of noise and chatter, I couldn’t hear a single thing anyone said to me. Not even Martin, who sat right next to me.┬áThe both of us just smiled, nodded, and said things like, “That is awesome!”

And it seemed to work just fine.

In just under 45 minutes, lunch time was over and we waved good-bye to Miss C until later in the day.

By this time next year, I will be completely out of the Air Force, but Martin will be done with his training as a traditional Reservist.

And we’ll be able to continue this tradition of attending lunch with Miss C, and eventually Lola and Jaz when they go to school, too.