Week Four

Martin’s flight is now beginning Week Four of Air Force basic military training, and at some point during this week, he’ll pass the halfway mark of his BMT experience.

Probably right around the time he’s hovering over a pool of murky green water while clinging to a rope.

It’s all about the obstacle course [formerly known as the confidence course] this week, which is really a souped-up, super fun day at a military-style playground for grown-ups.

I mean, yeah, there’s a serious team-building, confidence-boosting element to it and lessons to be learned and applied throughout one’s Air Force career, yada, yada, yada.

But seriously.

The obstacle course is a blast.

At least, it was for me.

I didn’t fall in the water. I stayed up to speed with the others. And it was really awesome how the whole flight came together. It finally felt like we were really going to graduate after all.

When I went through, my fourth week meant basic military training was almost over for me, as BMT was only six weeks then. It meant preparing for “Warrior Week” which was — at the time — a relatively new field exercise experience. If I remember correctly, Week Four was also the week we got our first official portraits taken right around the time we got the blue uniforms issued to us.

I remember being thrilled that we (the ladies) could temporarily put on make-up again for that portrait.

My BMT portrait

Speaking of my basic training experience, I went to our basement over the weekend and found the packet containing all the letters I wrote to Martin during basic and tech school. (All the letters I received from him are also saved.)

Before I left for basic, I purchased several aerogrammes at the post office. They were these light-blue stationery papers that folded and sealed as an envelope. The paper itself was already stamped and ready for international delivery, so all I had to do was write on it, fold it, seal it, and drop it in the mailbox.

Martin got his first letter within my first full week at BMT.

These are all the letters I sent to Martin when I was at basic training. Even then, I was a prolific writer.

The girls and I are accumulating our own stacks of mail from Martin now, and I love it. I think it’s the first time in their lives they are experiencing the thrill of waiting for the postwoman to drive by and make a delivery, of getting an envelope and tearing it open and reading words from a piece of paper.

Other than their annual holiday cards — birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s — when else would they ever experience that anticipation?

With four more weeks to go, our stacks will just keep growing.



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