Letters from Martin

Photo taken before one of Martin’s Reserve weekends last year.

We’re now receiving letters from Martin on a regular basis, even though it takes about a week for the letter to reach us from the time he sends it, or at least according to the date stamp.

Usually, we get two at a time: one addressed to me, and the other addressed to the girls.

Here are some excerpts from the various correspondence he’s sent us:

The flight embarrassed themselves today when we were marching to the Career Guidance Briefing. Family members were lined up for the graduation and on our last turn, the flight split in two and went in opposite directions. The guidon bearer understood left instead of right, and led the majority of the flight in the wrong direction. Even some little girl asked her parents why we looked like such a mess. It wasn’t pretty at all. Later, the element leaders and guidon got a special drill practice to learn new facing movements.

Now for a more fun story: Trainee G was marching his element on Tuesday to the clothing issue ahead of me. Suddenly, I saw all looking down on the street as we were just crossing a bridge. The wind was going strong, and I thought there was an accident that just happened below. But instead, the Trainee had his hat blown off right onto the middle of the street. I told my element to stop looking and get back to marching. At the end of the bridge, though, I decided to send two trainees of my element on a search-and-rescue mission. It was a successful mission, and we got the hat back. It’s the little things that get us excited here.

My element always passes inspections and evaluations. Today they switched about 10 trainees in the bay. [This means the trainees moved to different beds within the dorm.] I lost my assistant element leader in the switch, Trainee F. He was great. Now I have Trainee M. He volunteers for everything and has five jobs so far. GREAT attitude. It should work well with him. 

We had two TIs in the beginning: SSgt. M and SSt. L. SSgt M has a family, and kids, and a second job. He just learned we will be his last flight as he will be taking charge of the parade organization. SSgt L is gone now. He started with a new zero week flight. Not sure if we get a new one. Our brother flight has two tech sergeants. 

We get 15 minutes to eat, but I’m always last to sit, and finish after 7 minutes.