Flashback Friday: Surround Yourself

A few weeks ago, my friend Kara wrote and asked if she could crash for the night at my place as a pit-stop during her roadtrip south. We live on opposite ends of the DC Beltway, and she wanted to avoid all the rush-hour traffic in the beginning of her journey the next day.

Of course I said yes.

As it turned out, Kara showed up at our house, as previously scheduled, just hours after Jaz and I got home from the doctor’s office following his asthma attack.


I think not.

I don’t think it’s ever a coincidence when specific people come into our lives like that, with impeccable timing and particular qualities or skills at precisely the time you need them.

Seeing Kara on my doorstep after one of the scariest nights of my life was such a boost. All five us — she, the kids, and I — went to IHOP for a pancake dinner, then returned home to watch movies and bake cookies. She hovered over Jaz while I administered his first nightly treatment, soothing him with all the praise and attention she lavished on him when he was just a newborn. And she let the girls crash on the pull-out couch with her until they fell asleep and I could take them up to their bedrooms.

She was exactly what we needed.

For my Flashback Friday, I’m sharing the post I wrote in 2012, when I was leaving my old job to begin my current position.

As I was then, I’m forever grateful to be surrounded by really good people.