Week Six

I’m the super sexy one in the BCGs. Those would be “birth control glasses” … for obvious reasons.
Downtown San Antonio, February 2000.

This week will be BEAST week for Martin.

That’s the Basic Expeditionary Airmen Skills Training, which replaced the Warrior Week I experienced when I went through Air Force Basic Military Training thirteen years ago.

Martin and his flight will be living out in the field as if in a deployed location: putting up tents, protecting their location from attack, using all the lessons they’ve been learning. He’ll continue to get mail for the most part, but we don’t intend on hearing from him at all this week as he won’t be near a mailbox or given cell phone privileges.

But it’s cool. I’ve been talking with the girls about BEAST week, and showed them photos and video of what Martin will be doing, and they understand. It helps, too, that BEAST week means Martin will be done with BMT in just another two weeks.

As for me, my Week Six was graduation week — the last week of BMT.

My flight earned Honor Flight status, which meant out of all the flights graduating that week, my flight earned the best scores all around in all the areas we were evaluated. It meant my flight carried the state flags during the graduation ceremony. Because I am so short, though, and always walked in the back of the flight, I didn’t have to actually carry a flag in the wind.

Trust me: I wasn’t mad about it. It was pretty great not having to worry about keeping a flag straight and balanced in the wind while also marching in unison with everyone around me. All I had to do was march forward, and that was pretty simple.

Air Force photo of a recent Air Force honor flight by SSgt Parina

Nobody in my family flew down to attend my BMT graduation. So, I spent most of my base liberty/town pass time with some of the other Airmen and their families. We went down to the Riverwalk, did some shopping at the base exchange, and prepared to leave for tech school just a few days later.

I also purchased a throw-away camera and took some photos of my BMT dorm.

The six weeks of basic training went by pretty fast for me.  Even though it was a complete change for me and the lifestyle I knew before, I actually enjoyed most of it, and felt like I was exactly where I was meant to be.

And that I was on my way to go where I was meant to go.

Capturing the whole look and my itty-bitty waist in one of the bathroom mirrors.


My inspection-ready wall locker.

Look at the shine in that place. Fortunately, bathroom clean-up was NOT my detail.

Being a little more laid back during patio time.

My element leader reviewing my super shine skills.
I was responsible for shining all the metal in our hallway.