GBS: Something Nice for a Stranger

By Jennie H.

I was sitting in Starbucks one day last week and observed an elderly lady walk in holding a box.

I waited until I thought she was ready to leave and got up to open the door for her. That’s when I noticed the box had two venti drinks tucked in with newspapers and I started asking questions.

No, really, I talked to a total stranger!

While she waited for two more venti drinks, she said she changed the newspaper stuffing frequently because of spills and “wished she could cover the outside of the box so she could wipe the spills off.” I snapped a quick photo and texted it to my friend Twayne and asked if we could improve her coffee transport method.

I told her I thought I could improve her coffee box as I walked her to her car.

Yes, by now, Dotsy and I were chatting away.

After Dotsy left, the barista told me that Dotsy comes in a few times a week and gets four Venti chai tea lattes. Her husband is homebound and can’t come to Starbucks with her anymore. She takes two of her drinks cold and two hot. They “enjoy one today and then she warms the others later in the week so they can have another treat.”

I knew my friend Twayne would help me. I mean, he has a wood shop, and power tools, and he’s creative.

And like-minded, though he’ll scoff if he reads this.

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