Flashback Friday: Full Circle

Every Friday, the Department of Defense’s blog — DoDLive — features a military family.

Today, they featured our family.

I was given the opportunity to be a guest blogger, so I wrote about watching Martin’s very first graduation from basic military training for the Bundeswehr.

That happened in October 2000, almost eight months before I began blogging.

So, for this Flashback Friday, I’m sharing that story with you via my guest post on DODLive.

You can check it out HERE.



Earlier this week, I got a letter from Martin.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Today we stood in formation and our MTI walked around to correct our dress and cover. [This means the MTI was aligning them. – Julie]

The MTI told one Trainee to move up and kept saying “More. More. More. MORE!”

Then I heard one Trainee ask, “Yes, sir?”

It was Trainee Moore.

The MTI paused and then said, “No, not Moore. M-O-R-E!!!!”

I couldn’t see what exactly was going on in the back, but I heard that our MTI had to work hard not to smile about it.”