Easter in Ohio

I packed up Amelia the Minivan and ventured off to Cincinnati over the weekend with the children and Patches Der Hund, to celebrate Easter again with our family in Ohio.
On Sunday morning, we headed over to Grandma MJ’s house, where we feasted on a traditional lunch with our family. My sister Jill and brother-in-law were there with my niece, the fabulous Miss J, who is just six months younger than Jaz.
I’m convinced our kids are actually twins masquerading as cousins. Out of the four parents, none of us have blond hair nor do we have blue eyes, yet here we have blond-hair, blue-eyed children with wide smiles and cherub cheeks.
Weren’t they adorable in their Easter outfits?
Jaz in a sweater vest just kills me.
Anyway, the kids all participated in an Easter egg hunt in Grandma MJ’s backyard. Miss C and Lola did very well, and the younger two got a second chance for success with a smaller egg hunt in the living room.
All the kids ended up with baskets full of goodies.
Despite being surrounded by so much family, though, it was obvious that Martin was missing. Everyone asked about him, of course. As the kids ran around in their bunny ears, or did something cute, or cheered as they found their treats, I felt the pull of wanting to turn to Martin and say, “Did you see that? Aren’t our kids adorable?”
But of course, I didn’t. Instead, I passed around some stationery for everyone to sign, and they did. I also took a lot of photos and video of the kids running around and laughing.
At least he’ll be able to share in the memories when he gets home.

Jaz looking dapper while hanging out with Max the Dog.

My sister Jill with my niece Miss J, who can’t decide if she loves the bunny ears.

I have no idea what they are reacting to, but it cracks me up.

Miss J and I mugging for the camera.

Our cousin Rob was such a good helper! The kids just adore him.

I have photos of Rob with each of my children like this. He’s just so cool!

A girl can never eat too many Peeps.

Saying goodbye!