Flashback Friday: A Fun for All Weekend

Public punishment at Colonial Williamsburg

Last weekend was pretty awesome for all of us.

Once again, we traveled south to Richmond to spend the Memorial Day weekend with Martin. Not only were we blessed with three whole days together, but there was a twinge of excitement knowing it was the last time we would make such a trip since Martin graduates from tech school very soon, and will be home for good.

We decided to go all out.

Fortunately, several attractions in the area offered free admission for military members and we took full advantage at Kings Dominion (normal admission is $62 for adults/$40 for kids) and Colonial Williamsburg ($50/$25) since regular price as a family of five = never happening.

Since I didn’t get around to posting these earlier, I’m using this Flashback Friday to share some photos we took during our holiday weekend.

We hope yours was just as great.



On the swings with Jaz, who actually fell asleep during the ride.
An Army band!
Dancing while waiting in line.
That’s Martha Washington on stage at Colonial Williamsburg
The original skinny jeans
This little boy was so adorable: he was marching/pacing back and forth, guarding his little sister in her stroller.


“Forming a militia, you say?” Lola talking with a miniature minuteman.
This bookbinder was fascinating. If I ever write a book, I’m requiring it be bound by hand. 🙂

Hey, it’s Martha Washington rolling through town!
Looking through photos while waiting for lunch.
Pot pie.
Lola lifting iron in a colonial jail cell.
Jaz and Martin in the colonial jail cell.