It Says “Be Creative” and “Tell Stories”

You’ve seen this before, back when I first hung photos up here.

Like most things, it started with a question.

It was Miss C who asked it. She was standing in our hallway, reading the wall art I hung on the top of our stairwell. It’s a popular Louise Carey piece on canvas, white typography on black, featuring a long list of recommendations of what it takes to live a good life. I’d seen the piece online via social media, and was pretty stoked to find the artwork for sale in a local home goods store.

I usually don’t like text on my walls, but I’ll make an exception for a good canvas.

The location is a bit strategic on my part: it now hangs in a place that everyone must walk past every day before descending past photos and portraits representing more than a few of the sentiments expressed in the art.

It’s meant to be food for thought.

And maybe inspiration.

My daughter was a little incredulous, though.


“Are you suppose to do all those things in a day?” she asked me.

I laughed and explained that would be one incredibly busy day.

And then I started thinking.

What if we did set out to do all those things? Not in a day, of course. But wouldn’t it be fun if we actually made a deliberate attempt to DO all the things listed here? If we — as a family — made a concentrated effort to accomplish these recommendations one-by-one?

To turn sentiments on a mass-produced piece of artwork into something tangible?

And blog about it?

And as my brain wheels were turning, I was reminded of all the posts we received during our Guest Blogger Series, and how a lot of those related very well to this sort of thing, with the stories about setting goals, and moving through life with purpose and kindness.

Why not do that again?

That’s how the idea was created, and when I explained it to Miss C, she agreed it was pretty awesome.

So here is the deal:

As a family, we’re going to set out and DO something tangible for every one of the recommendations put on that piece of artwork. There are 34 of them, but some of them are repetitive, such as “be grateful” and “be thankful.” Some of them work better partnered up with others. Some of them may be a little tricky to apply as a tangible experience, but we’re going to try, and that’s going to be the fun part.

We’re going to shoot for at least one post about this every week.

As for the Guest Blogger Series, we’re inviting our readers to submit their own stories relating to the sentiments expressed on this artwork, too.

We want to hear stories about how you fell in love … how you dreamed big … how you never gave up … how you embrace change or pursue your passion.

You get the picture.

Or rather … the wall art.

Submissions don’t have to be long essays, either. We’re game for photos, poems, and video, too. Let me know if you would like to participate in this with us by sending me a note using the CONTACT US link, and I’ll send more information on how to submit.

Oh, and did you notice another one of those sentiments?

Seize opportunities when they reveal themselves.

We look forward to hearing from you!



Friday commute home on the Metro, listening to my Led Zeppelin playlist and looking forward to a sizzling hot and busy weekend with the family.

Life is good.