Flashback Friday: Just Another Day

I’m not sure how it escaped me, but it did.

Earlier this week was the one-year mark since Martin first raised his hand and enlisted in the US Air Force Reserve. It was a Monday. I was working from home that day. Martin and Miss C drove to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland so that Martin could complete more paperwork with his recruiter. He texted me at one point, and said, “Hey, I can actually do it now. Is that okay?”

He meant enlisting, of course.

I┬átexted back, “Sure. Go for it.”

And then 30 seconds later, I wrote, “Don’t forget to get pictures.”


What a year, right? And we’ve got much to look forward to this next year. He’ll be leaving our home for another three months for more training in another state. I’ll be on my own again with the kids.

But we got it. It’s cool. It’s what he signed up to do.

For today’s Flashback Friday, here’s the post about that day and the reasons behind it.


Funny moment from today:

I got home from work late, so as I was preparing my dinner from the leftovers, I asked Martin, “Hey, how old are these buns?”

Without missing a beat, he said, “Oh, just over 32 years, but they look 18.”





We hope you all have a great holiday weekend!