I Heard It First

This beautiful boy said the most beautiful thing this evening.

We were rocking in his chair just before bedtime, pointing out objects and giving them names. I know I’m a little biased, but his vocabulary is quite impressive for a two-year-old. Every day, I’m floored by his pronunciation of something new, or articulating something that sounded like mumbled mush just 24 hours before.

In his wee little voice, he says so many things.

Mama. Dada. Lawa. Care. Bottle. Sah-sah (sorry). 

Eye. Ear. Nose. Bed. Nap. Bye-bye. See you. Go sleep. Train.

Patches, he says perfectly.

Of course.

But there’s just one phrase he never could get out, even if I slipped it in among the others as he repeated after me.

Everything else, but that one. I could see the wheels in his head spinning, but instead of speaking, he just grinned his impish little grin, and leaned forward for a kiss.

He got it.

Just couldn’t say it.

But this evening, he did.

As we do, I pointed to things and said names, and he repeated.

I pointed to myself.


I placed my hand over my heart.


I pointed to him.


He watched.

He thought about it.

I did it again, a little more slowly.





A smile.

I did it one more time, but changed it up at the end.




And that was it. There was the flash in his eyes.

He pointed to himself, and in that small, sweet voice that is going to change too soon, that’s going to deepen and sound like a little man growing to be a young man growing to be a grown man, who will have friends and sweethearts who will get to hear such things, too …


He pointed to his heart.


He pointed to me.

“You, Mama.”

Yes, there will be such declarations to sweethearts in the future.

But I got to hear it first.

All moms wanna nibble on their kids, amIright?


PS – Did you see Patches Der Hund’s photo bomb in the first photo? Love that dog. Even if hers was one of the first words for TWO out of three kids. Both Lola and Jaz are all about their “gog” Patches.


It’s the Air Force’s birthday today, which meant lunch at the Air & Space Museum.