Good Life: Be Happy.

A Christmas tree full of memories.
My Good Life artwork suggests to be happy.
I admit, there are days when it’s easier to be exhausted, grumpy, and disagreeable. But I also admit to living a life that provides me plenty of opportunity to be happy nearly every day.
These are some of the things that’ve made me happy lately.

Watching my girl perform in her school’s holiday concert. (She’s in the front row!)

Watching my husband in action as an attentive and proud father.

Living in a neighborhood that has a neighbor like this.
There’s a box in front for soup kitchen donations which gets filled every night.

Watching my son figure out how to jump with both feet, following his sisters’ example.


Stopping to smell ALL the candles while out grocery shopping.

Being silly and fun on a daily basis.

Having too many photos and memories to choose from when making my annual photo collage.