Flashback Friday: Former Future Feminist Cookies

It’s the season for blizzards and Girl Scout cookies, both doing their due diligence to wreck my diet and fitness routine.

We put in two orders with two little friends, a mix of chocolate, peanut butter, coconut, and minty goodness. It’s tradition.

Every year, the packaging features new photos of Girl Scouts doing the things Girl Scouts do: canoeing, helping others, etc. There are also quotes and information about the organization, badges, and other relevant information.

As Lola and I were nibbling on some cookies this afternoon, we were checking out the packaging, and I had to laugh as I read the quotes this year.

“Speaking out on issues I care about allows me to inspire others to get involved and make a difference.”

“Taking on new challenges builds our confidence. When we achieve our goals, we grow even more empowered.”

Oh, those silly little feminists.

It’s been two years since I wrote my online rebuttal to an Indiana state representative’s characterization of the Girl Scouts. As a former Girl Scout myself, I found his statement that the organization was influencing a new generation of “feminists, lesbians, and Communists” to be pretty silly.

I knew the blog would get some attention from my readers, but I didn’t expect for it to make the rounds as it did. It was syndicated and featured on the front page of BlogHer.┬áIt was also shared quite a bit on Facebook and Twitter. My favorite was when it was retweeted from a few Girl Scout accounts, too.

While I was poking fun at a situation that quickly blew over with his apology to the Girl Scouts, I think one of the reasons that particular blog post circulated as it did was because it spoke against that subliminal sentiment that traditional families with parents who fulfill the traditional roles are the only acceptable families in society, and that’s not the case.

So for today’s Flashback Friday, I’m sharing that post again, which you can read HERE.