Bunny Ears

Beating the rainy day blues with an eyeliner pen and bunny ears.


I was woken up today by the sounds of Lady Gaga and the Jackson Five blasting through the house. Before I had time to voice my complaint, Miss C┬áburst into the room, singing along to the music and carrying a laundry basket and pulling up the dirty clothes from the floor. I was stunned into silence. Now, I hear the dishes clattering as she’s putting the clean dishes away downstairs.

I’m scared to look her in the eyes. She might not be real.

(Later in the day…)

Aha! The motivation for this burst of cleaning energy is a book fair. She finally paid attention to the chore chart I made for the girls YEARS ago, noticed I put a price tag on the chores that are outside of their norm and she’s intent on earning as much as possible today to spend on books.


It’s snowing. For real. I don’t care that it’s freezing and snowing. I still have my windows open. It’s spring. Dang it.