Exercise in Futility

It’s a gray, rainy day, but I’m glad to see buds on my tree and the temps are nice. Spring is finally here!

Trying to spring clean with three children in the house is a massive exercise in futility. I do pat myself on the back, though, for pulling myself out of bed with the idea I could be successful and get stuff done today. One should never lose hope, right?

My challenge is having three tornadoes blowing through immediately after I pick up an area. Nothing is more attractive than a clean area full of organized toy bins … or a spotless table waiting for crayons … or shining windows just naked without handprints. Yeah, yeah … sweet things I’ll miss later, but damn it, I want a clean house. For like, two seconds.


We went to an Asian restaurant for lunch the other day. My son wasn’t sure about the Chinese broccoli and chicken. But he likes the tea!!

Good to know!