Flashback Friday: Airman Martin

It’s been one year since Martin graduated from Air Force Basic Military Training (BMT). This first year has been pretty interesting, if I do say so myself.

Within months of arrival to his unit, he broke his finger during a mandatory “family day” sporting event, requiring surgery through my medical insurance, which was by choice after the military medical community fumbled his diagnosis twice, and delayed his care.

As that healed, his leadership dropped the ball and failed to officially promote him within the pay system for several months, which meant he was paid at the lowest rank possible much longer than necessary. The issue? The person who was supposed to check a box didn’t check a box.  This whole time, every time he asked, Martin was told his leadership was “looking into it.”

That’s just one of the examples of the nonsense he’s dealt with so far. It stresses me out when I think of it. If I sound a bit disgruntled, it’s because I am.

I admit, it’s much harder than I thought being a veteran AND a spouse, knowing how things are supposed to work, and what non-commissioned officers are supposed to do for their troops, and being frustrated because I couldn’t do anything to help him, except suggest he document everything. It was one thing to endure that nonsense myself during my time in uniform, but to see it happening to my husband? It is very frustrating.

On the other hand, this isn’t Martin’s first rodeo, either. And he’s always had more patience for these things than me. He knew what needed to be done, and got it done. As a result, Martin’s been promoted,  he got one hell of a paycheck with backpay for those months they missed his promotion, and his training is back on track.

So I think we’re in a good routine now. He attends his Unit Training Assembly (UTA) weekends once a month. I buzz his hair the Friday evening before he reports to duty, and then he leaves early in the morning, returning to us in the evenings.

Martin genuinely loves his job in the Air Force Reserve. I love it when things work out as they should for him.  I see how much Martin enjoys serving in the Air Force Reserve, and being a part of something like that again. There’s a group of Airmen in his unit who have been alongside him from basic training all the way to this first anniversary, and they’re wonderful.

And as long as Martin is happy, I’m happy, too.

For today’s Flashback Friday, I’m sharing the posts from last year, the ones I wrote about his graduation from BMT, which took place one year ago this week.

We’re so proud of our Airman Martin!

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