Flashback Friday: Love from London

Martin and I honeymooned in London, England when we married 12 years ago.

We were there for five days, but I was horribly sick for three of them. I remember Martin heading out into the city for a pharmacy for some medicine, bringing me toast and tea when I was well enough to sit up in our hotel room and watch some BBC series. And on those days when I was feeling well, we really made the most of it in that city.

We visited museums, witnessed the funeral procession for the Queen Mum, and literally stumbled unknowingly onto the red carpet during the London premiere of K-Pax, sharing carpet space with Jeff Bridges shortly after Kevin Spacey walked by.

For today’s Flashback Friday, I’m sharing the post about our honeymoon in England, which you can read HERE. Despite my illness, I really enjoyed it there and have always wanted to go back for a visit. Maybe one day!


Gorgeous colors this evening coming out of the office.