Keeps Me Running

Pictures of me running these days aren’t nearly as cute. So here’s this one from 2004, of Miss C and me running at Aviano Air Base.


Fair warning: I’m gonna gush about my spouse in this post.

Between the winter weather and his hand surgery/recovery, we let things slide the past few months. Our diet. Our gym/activity routines. Our routines in general. Everything. And because we’re no longer the spry young things we were when we first met, our metabolisms rewarded us with some extra weight.

In the past, it was nothing to make some minor lifestyle adjustments, add a half hour at the track, skip some dessert, and be able to zip up the nice jeans without thinking about it.

Not so anymore.

You know how it is. At least, if you’re over 30, you do.

Now, it takes real, concentrated effort. It’s not as easy. So both Martin and I have made shedding this winter weight a priority, even though it means cutting away time we usually spend rescuing each other from the kids.

So he thought nothing of it when I got home from work, rushed to my room, changed my clothes, and headed straight to the gym/Kids Club with Lola. I’ve been going much more frequently now that it doesn’t take a snow plow to get outside my door, and he’s sticking to the meal plan I prepared for all of us, following the recipes I’ve printed of meals that fit into our points system.

Anyway, as I ran out the door, Martin asked what time I was going to be back, and when I arrived home exactly at the time I said, there were only 30 seconds left on the oven timer for the chicken breast dinner he prepared for me.

You see, he prepared dinner for the kids hours earlier during our regular dinnertime, but he set aside my portion to cook later, and timed it perfectly so it would be fresh when I got home. All I had to do was literally sit down at the table and inhale that delicious dish with a side salad. He baked an extra one, too, for my lunch tomorrow.

I’m a lucky woman.

I don’t like running. (I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.)

I don’t like extending Martin’s work day an extra hour more than normal because being home alone with three kids, three pets, and a house full of laundry all day is akin to being trapped in a circus. (I know this well.)

I don’t like missing sit-down dinner time with the whole family on the days I go to the gym in the evenings.

But I like having a husband who does his best to carve out ways to make life easier for me, and the least I can do is be healthier for him, right?

He keeps me running.


My lunch retreat downtown is currently overrun by visitors.

Truth: I really do get all kinds of happy when I see crowds like this. Yeah, the lines are long and it’s hard to find a seat and I get bummed seeing all the chicken nuggets when they could be eating authentic buffalo chili and quinoa salad, but they’re visiting this awesome place! YEA!