They’re Heeeeeeeere

You can see the top of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial straight ahead. 


Martin drove me into the city this morning. It’s faster that way since we get to use the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes. This works out well for us because it saves money, cuts two hours total out of my daily commute, Lola and Jaz watch a movie in the back while Martin and I drink coffee and pick on each other right up until the moment he drops me off in front of my building which is located right off the highway, fortunately, so he just does a loop and is back on his way home again.

This morning, we traveled alongside two big white buses as we crossed over the Potomac and into downtown. Though the windows were tinted a little, we could see rows and rows of middle-school age children, jumping up and down in their seats and pointing to the Washington Monument and Thomas Jefferson Memorial as it came into view.

This was the only photo I could get of the bus. But trust me: it was a fun moment to witness.

School trip season is definitely here again.