Dusty Corners

Another group shot on the beach from over the weekend. Patches der Hund joined us this time!

Like the corners of my house, this corner of the Internet has collected dust in recent weeks. The only thing missing here — other than my presence — is a wad of pet hair, but frankly, my expectations and standards right now are pretty low, I wouldn’t even care if there WAS a dust bunny on this page.

And I usually hate dust bunnies very much.

But I’ve since decided dust bunnies add character. Let’s just say my house is exploding with character, thankyouverymuch.

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Memorial Day 2014



We spent our Memorial Day on the beach this year. We decided to take Patches Der Hund with us, and headed to Cape Henlopen, a Delaware state park that is less crowded, much quieter, and welcomes pets all year.

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TBT: Morning Model

Spring 2000. Photo by my tech school roommate Carolyn  at the Defense Information School in Maryland. I was 18 years old. It was early in the morning, and I was putting on my make-up there in our room. “Hey, hold still!!” she ordered. So, I froze in place as she moved around my head with her GIANT digital camera. The image was edited in a bunch of different ways, she got a good grade, and she gave me the prints.

Shoe Coupon Fairy Godfather

At some point over the weekend, Miss C lost her one pair of shoes.

Of course, this wasn’t discovered until ten minutes before the school’s tardy bell on Monday morning. She’s already outgrown her winter boots and dress shoes, so I pulled out a too-small bedazzled pair of Keds my mother bought for me. (I have no idea WHY she bought me bedazzled shoes, but I’m not questioning it now. They’re still a wee bit too big for Miss C, so I crammed a pair of socks into the toes and it worked.) Continue reading

Crazy Morning

When I made my coffee this morning, I put the filter in, scooped in the grounds, pressed the light, and then became increasingly irritated when it didn’t start brewing. A good solid minute later, I realized I never added the water. It’s been that kind of morning.

My morning today was one involving dog poo in the living room, two feverish and super grumpy young children, and ‘Mom, we’re out of milk crisis” and all before 6:45 am.

T’was not pretty.