A List (Just Because)

I am pretty awesome at making lists. Any occasion. Any need. I have several lists running in my mind at any given time. Here’s one that I call “Things That Happened on a Monday.”

1) My zebra-print wellies (love that word) arrived in the mail just days after I ordered them. For awhile, I was leaning toward polka-dots, but then I saw these, and the search was over. Though not intentional, I have more than a few zebra prints in my wardrobe. Plus, zebras are known for their stamina, and so am I. However, zebras are also known for their excellent eyesight and I’m blind as a bat. So … moving on …

2) I teleworked. It rained. See #1.

3) Another package arrived in the mail containing a new, specially-ordered (after much searching), specially-designed nylon strap, FINALLY making me the proud owner of a now-functioning, vintage 1991 Nordic Track exercise machine. It belonged to my grandparents, and since nobody else wanted it, we got it. And whatever memories you may have from your childhood, of the effortless gliding and arm swinging you did on your parents’ model … those memories are wrong. I don’t know if it’s the age of the machine or the age of my body now, but good lord, it’s awkward and hilarious to use, but darn it, I’m gonna get the hang of this Nordic Track and you’re gonna see me morph into some type of  Nordic goddess in zebra-print wellies.

4) Sometime after lunch, but before it rained, we looked out the window and saw this.

Nap time in the sun on a CareBear pillow.

5) Sometime after that photo was taken, Martin got an email saying he is scheduled to be in Delaware full-time for one month of Air Force Reserve training. Starting Tuesday.

6) After being told this news, I calmly made myself a second cup of coffee with almond-coconut flavored creamer, and then later, I made bean and cheese quesadillas for dinner on our countertop grill. Those things are delicious.

7) I vacuumed the first floor and shredded a stack of papers that’s been hogging counter space for a week already.

8) Our friend Sarah came over to go over childcare details, since we’ve been planning for Martin’s training since January and long suspected the Air Force Reserve would spring it on us at the last possible minute. (And it did!) Thank goodness for military friends who understand military craziness.

9) We all felt like warriors having been prepared so far in advance.

10) Martin gave me his necklace and ring to wear since he can’t wear those items while working on the flight line. I think this means we’re going steady now.

Beautiful day in Delaware. Beautiful day to take leave and drop off an Airman for some temporary duty time.