Dusty Corners

Another group shot on the beach from over the weekend. Patches der Hund joined us this time!


Like the corners of my house, this corner of the Internet has collected dust in recent weeks. The only thing missing here — other than my presence — is a wad of pet hair, but frankly, my expectations and standards right now are pretty low, I wouldn’t even care if there WAS a dust bunny on this page.

And I usually hate dust bunnies very much.

But I’ve since decided dust bunnies add character. Let’s just say my house is exploding with character, thankyouverymuch.

I’ve also decided that folding and putting away clothes is absolutely pointless, and all of us — including me — are much happier pulling what we need from the clean laundry mountain in the family room. I barely recognize this part of myself, the part that no longer cringes at the clothing clutter, but I’ve literally thrown in the towel on this household chore. It was a good call. I’m much more sane.

And so it goes.

Martin is still in Delaware, completing his military service requirement. We spent the holiday weekend with him, visiting the Delaware beaches, enjoying the heat and sun, and recognizing that as far as military separations go, this one is a piece of cake.  Yes, I’m exhausted at the end of the day. Yes, my writing and creativity muses are currently hiding from the dust bunnies, so I’m not writing as often. But Martin is just a few hours away, safely tucked away in a pretty nice hotel suite. He’s working on his college courses when not working on the flight line. We’ve seen him every other weekend. I know order, routine, and my muses will return when Martin comes home.

Life is good.

Dust bunnies, laundry mountain, and all.


Wearing my wellies today!!