It Happens In Threes

Photo from earlier this year, but it could really be from any day at our house.


I’ve written about the “deployment curse” on this blog before. It’s a military thing, and not specific to deployments. It also happens when the military member leaves on temporary duty, or even just a short business trip. It’s very similar to Murphy’s Law, but in addition to the whole “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong” part of it, there’s the caveat that all of it will happen within the first week or two of the loved one’s departure.

And the things happen in threes, too.

Needless to say, I was prepared for it. And sure enough, it hit in three distinctive ways: Patches Der Hund had continuous diarrhea for two days straight, Miss C is home sick with a fever and horrible sore throat, and after being quiet for over a year, our home security system randomly set off the fire alarm while our friend Sarah was home with the kids.

And of course, I couldn’t immediately recall the code AND the password for the security company to troubleshoot, because it’s been more than a year.

Poor Sarah. She had the security company on the home phone, me from work on her cell phone, while I texted Martin from MY cell phone, all trying to communicate. Fortunately, it all worked out just fine.

And Patches is feeling better … and the floors are spotless and clean once again. (Mostly thanks to Sarah on that one, too. That girl. Love her.)

And Miss C thinks she can return to school again tomorrow.

So, you know, as far as curses go, those things weren’t that bad. I’ve got great help and a good routine.

Not to jinx myself, but I think we got this.