A Day in My Life

We watched the International Space Station fly over us this evening.

Clear skies and SkyGuide made it easy to spot. That’s a true vintage toy camera from the early 90s, too!

So hip.

Earlier this evening, we also made some fresh popcorn. The popcorn never pops fast enough, does it?

We offer a lot of toppings, as you can see. Sometimes I melt milk chocolate and peanut butter, or Nutella, for them to drizzle over their popcorn. That’s a special treat, though. If we did that all the time, we would all weigh 200 pounds each!!


At some point this evening, my phone was swiped for selfies. Patches Der Hund was clearly not amused.


FYI: it was another gorgeous day in DC today.

I got lunch at the Native American museum and took this on the walk back to my office. I bet the view from the botanical gardens is awesome right now. It never gets old!

Speaking of the office … a thought I had today … Why oh why do people leave bowls full of water “to soak” in the office sink? These things don’t clean themselves! It takes 30 seconds to scrub things down and move on with your day.

Crazy, right?