Father’s Day with the Nation’s Father



[dropcap style=”color: #9b9b9b;”]W[/dropcap]e spent Father’s Day at Mt. Vernon here in Northern Virginia.

A week earlier, I got an email from the Mount Vernon Inn (the restaurant there on the estate), describing the reservations-only barbecue they were hosting for Father’s Day. That’s how I learned that George Washington himself (well, not really himself, of course, but you know what I mean) would be on the grounds to talk with visitors. Recognizing that our family is made up of a bunch of history nerds, I called Miss C (since I was still at work) and suggested it. She whispered her approval (since Martin was standing RIGHT THERE in the kitchen next to her), and I secured a table for us while Miss C helped her brother and sister surreptitiously make cards for their Dad.

Then, on Sunday morning, all three of them bounded into our bedroom and announced to their father they would be spending the day with the Nation’s father, too. Dressed in our Sunday best (and after we called my father to wish him a happy Father’s Day, too), we headed southeast to one of the most gorgeous locations in the DC metropolitan area.

The weather could not have been more perfect. It was warm, but there was practically no humidity. Just clear blue skies and lots of sun. Like a typical DC native, I had planned for traffic, but traffic was lite, and we found parking right next to the restaurant. So we ended up being an hour early for our reservation. But they were able to seat us immediately, and we enjoyed three kinds of barbecue, all kinds of pasta, salad, bread, and two kinds of dessert. Jaz ate two giant pieces of chocolate cake all by himself. We were so stuffed by the time we rolled out of there.

The only logical thing to do next was burn off those calories, so we headed inside the actual estate, breezing past the lines of tourists since our annual passes allows us to go into the house without needing a scheduled ticket. (If you live in this area, I highly suggest getting those. Makes every visit so much nicer!) Though this wasn’t our first visit there, the home is so big and full of antiques and artwork, there’s something new to see and learn every time.

After the tour, we went out onto the front lawn and hung out  under the magnolia trees. Actually, Martin and I just sat around while the kids alternated between chasing each other and crashing next to us until George Washington came out to talk to us. Before he spoke to the crowd, he kindly asked the girls to hold onto his hat.

That was all it took to hook them in.

All three kids sat there the whole hour, listening to his storytelling.

Waiting for Washington to come out and talk with us!


We learned about his father, his older brother who was like a father to him, about his stepchildren, and the grandchildren he raised at Mt Vernon.



After that, we went shopping for a web camera and enjoyed some frozen yogurt at a self-serve bar that we discovered that day.

Self-serve frozen yogurt after picking out a bird-camera for our nest!

How we managed to live here for so long without knowing about that place is beyond any of us, but we loved it and intend on going back a lot this summer. Father’s Day was pretty awesome this year. Great weather. Great location. Great kids who were so joyful and well-behaved. All honoring a great man who is a great father, too.



Photo bomb!
She may look like her daddy, but she’s got my expressions down, doesn’t she? Love my co-conspirator.